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     Preliminary programme

        Time:                           Budapest, 26 of February, 2011.

        Location:                    Baroque Palace of the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture

   (Budapest, XIV. Városliget, Vajdahunyadvár)




Ceremonial opening: Jubilate Choir, conducted by Ifj. Sapszon Ferenc.
Welcome: Dr. Réthelyi Miklós, Hungarian Minister of National Resources


Opening of the Art Exhibition as a result of the Art Contest “Collection of Rare Beauties” organized by HUFERDIS


All-day exhibition by and of the NGO-s and informal groups of people with rare diseases. 35 exhibition tables and information points.

Arts and crafts workshop for children, playground for the smallest ones!




Welcome:  Mr. Stefan Schreck, Head of Unit  "Health Information", European Commission
official language: Hungarian/English, with translation


10:30 - 17:45 

Family Day,

Entertaining programmes


(Performances by famous actors, singers, and by the representatives or the groups of patients it selves; clowns; concerts, games, dance, face painting, lottery, etc.)


Section 1: Chairs: Dr. Ségolène Aymé, Dr. Pogány Gábor

10:45 Dr. Ségolène Aymé (Chairperson of EUCERD) – Directions of European Development on the Area of Rare Diseases, (eg. The role of EUCERD).

11:05 Yann Le Cam (CEO Eurordis) – Rare Diseases and Health Inequalities.

11:25 Dr. Domenica Taruscio (EUROPLAN Coordinator, ISS) – The Results of the First  EUROPLAN Programme.

11:45 Dr. Molnár Zsuzsanna (National Centre for Healthcare Audit and Inspection) –The Hungarian Situation of Rare Disease in the Light of Europlan Programme.

12:05 Dr. Aáry-Tamás Lajos (Ombudsman of Educational Rights) Relations of Rare  Diseases and Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).



Coffee Break / Press Conference

12:25 Award Ceremony of the Art Contest “Collection of Rare Beauties”

13:10 Award Ceremony of Gergely Alexandra Memorial award



Section 2: Chairs: Dr. Horváth Ildikó, Dr. Szőnyi László

13:30 Dr. Sándor János (University of Debrecen) – Start of the Hungarian ORPHANET Registration.

13:50 Dr. Szőnyi László (Semmelweis University) – Hungarian Participation in the EUNENBS (European Union Network of Experts on Newborn Screening) Programme.

14:10 Szy Ildikó (Ministry of National Resources) – Creating Priority Lists in Case of Protocol Development.

14:30 Földvári Anett (University of Debrecen) – The Hungarian Results of EurordisCare2 Survey.

14:50-16:10 University Coordinators of the Expert Committee of Rare Diseases: Organization of Consultation System and Patient Pathways, etc in their Universities.

14:50 Dr. Túri Sándor (University of Szeged) 

15:10 Dr. Melegh Béla (University of Pécs)

15:30 Dr. Pfliegler György (University of Debrecen)

15:50 Dr. Molnár Mária Judit (Semmelweis University)

16:10 Dr. Horváth Ildikó (Ministry of National Resources) – Further Steps toward the Hungarian National Plan on the Area of Rare Diseases.

16:30 Dr. Szabados Márta (National Health Insurance Fund) – The Practice of HTA, Decision Making and Individual Assessment.

16:50 Dr. Laki Ildikó (HAS, Institute of Sociology Kutatóintézet) – Social Inequalities and the Chance of Integration.

17:10 Dr. Farkas Henriette (Semmelweis University) - Realization of the Plan - the Service for HANO Patiens.



Closing Remarks (Dr. Pogány Gábor, President of HUFERDIS)